Specialised adoption agency

The Karunaguha, Home of compassion was started in 1963. For 4 decades it worked with hundreds of rural disabled children particularly polio affected. It provided shelter, food, education, and medical rehabilitation. By the turn of the century the number of polio cases drastically came down, thanks to polio eradication programme. Happily Karunagruha became increasingly redundant. That was the vision and wish of the Trust.

From 2009 Karunagruha begin to work as an adoption placement centre. The Child Welfare Committee transfers abandoned children in the age group of 1 day to 5 years to the home. The children are provided care and protection and placed for adoption after fulfilling all legal requirements. The home has built a care centre with all the facilities to take care of infants



Children at the specialised adoption agency





A child before and after adoption

A child before and after adoption